PE Builder v3 plugin

NwDskPe 3.0.3

This plugin installs and configures NwDskPe: NetWare/Microsoft Network Services Manager for BartPE/WinPE.

NwDskPe will install and manage either Microsoft Network Services or Novell's NetWare Client or both.

Multiple nics are supported (LinkSpeed/Duplex experimental).

With NwDskPe configured you will be able to access shares on other Windows machines, as well as share drives on your PE-station to other Windows stations (using TCP/IP, IPX or optionally NetBEUI).

You may choose which NetWare Client to add (4.51 or higher, in your preferred language). The base NetWare Client will be installed (starting with version 4.91 Novell only includes the base Client and NDPS). Full Client (including the ZENworks components) is optional but not recommended (why bother with NDPS on BartPE/WinPE?). NwDskPe will fully configure the NetWare Client using timed dialogs and will initiate AutoLogon if choosen so. Multiple Profiles can be defined. Profiles include Protocol (IP and/or IPX/SPX), DHCP or Static TCP/IP configuration, SLP configuration, IPX Frame Type and Network Number, Login credentials, Login-scripts, and more. Dialogs can be hidden from end-users to force certain (or all) choices.

NwDskPe is modeled after its predecessor NwDsk (NetWare Boot Disk). NwDsk users will notice the resemblance. Moreover the profiles and scripts used with NwDsk will work with NwDskPe. For that copy the contents of 'A:\Etc' from your NwDsk diskette to dir 'Etc' in the NwDskPe-plugin-dir (profiles: *.pro and global.set, scripts: *.lan and *.scp). Now run NwDskPe.exe at least once before running PE Builder to upgrade your NwDsk profiles for use with NwDskPe. The Profile last saved with NwDskPe.exe before running PE Builder will become the default profile when your BartPE/WinPE CDROM boots.

NwDskPe.exe should run on BartPE/WinPE as well as on the machine on which you build your BartPE/WinPE-image with PE Builder. On your PE Builder-machine it will auto-generate setup-scripts in compliance with the client that you added, and it will configure the client according to your choices. On BartPE/WinPE it will actually install all necessary client components and offer a last chance for altering your configuration. So, do not forget to run NwDskPe.exe at least once on your PE Builder-machine.

First time usage pointers:

NwDskPe v3 plugin by Erwin Veermans (see NwDskPe)

PE Builder Copyright (c) 2002-2007 Bart Lagerweij. All rights reserved.